Water tube High pressure boilers

These are fully water tube design boilers for high pressure steam requirements. Water circulation through the boiler may be either natural circulation due to density difference or by forced circulation.

  • The heat of combustion is utilized more efficiently by the use of small diameter tubes in large numbers.
  • To avoid large resistance to the flow of water, Powertherm boilers have a parallel set of arrangement of tubes
  • The boiler components can be arranged horizontally, giving greater accessibility and operational convenience.
  • All the parts are uniformly heated; therefore the danger of overheating is reduced. Also thermal stress problem is avoided.
  • The tendency of scale formation is eliminated due to the high velocity of water through the boiler tubes.Can be converted to liquid / gaseous fuels as well
Capacity Range

This, high pressure boiler is available in capacities from 10 TPH to 25 TPH.

High Pressure Boilers - Powertherm