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We have a fully equipped team to provide you with turn-key solutions for project, right from conception to commissioning stage related to boilers.

Our experts work in consultation with the client to understand their requirements and then devise a complete work-plan to ensure complete and timely execution. We can provide dual advantage of single point responsibility and valuable inputs from our experience of the industry.

Your queries for projects related to design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Steam boilers and other products of our range are welcome. With us, you can be sure of quality work, committed delivery & completion to your utmost satisfaction.


Backed by more than 400 successfully executed projects across all major industry segments using boilers, and having worked for some of top names in the industry, we have had quite enriching experiences regarding processes & work flow in the industrial environment.

This gives us immense strength when we undertake project consultancy in the field of energy conservation and efficiency improvements related to boilers. The fact is that the energy demands are ever-increasing and the resources are ever-depleting. This gap in energy demand and energy supply at an affordable cost is increasing by the day. With rising fuel prices, the need for efficiency improvements and cost reduction is absolutely alarming.

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What is IBR?

IBR means - Indian Boiler Regulation. It is law if central Gov't of India which governs design, manufacturing, installation and operation of Boilers in india. Since boiler is a pressure vessel handling steam, any overlook in its design, manufacturing, installation or operation may cause an accident. So the IBR provides guidelines for all the processes so that it is always safe.

What is a Non-IBR Boiler?

"Boiler" means a pressure vessel in which steam is generated for use external to itself by application of heat which is wholly or partly under pressure when steam is shut off but does not include a pressure vessel,-

  • With volumetric capacity less than 25 liters (such capacity being measured from the feed check valve to the main steam stop valve)
  • With less than one kilogram per centimeter square design gauge pressure and working gauge pressure; or
  • In which water is heated below one hundred degrees centigrade;

Any boiler which is not covered under the purview of IBR is a Non-IBR boiler. So any boiler which falls under any of the above 3 categories is a Non-IBR boiler.

What is the maximum capacity in a Non-IBR design?

For Oil / gas firing, this could be upto 800 Kg/hr. Upto 150 Kg/hr Electrical boilers can be under Non-IBR design. For any solid fuel firing, even the small boiler of 100 Kg/hr must be IBR approved.

What is the procedure to get IBR registration?

As the boiler reaches your site, you must submit an application to the IBR inspectorate of your area for a permission to install the same. This work must be done by an agency approved from IBR for such work. We shall provide you the boiler folder which has all the documents of the boiler components like test certificates, plate numbers, drawings etc. This folder has to be submitted to your area inspectorate for approval & registration, along-with the requisite fee. Please contact your local boiler office for details.

Does the pipeline also need to IBR approved?

As per IBR,-

“Steam-pipe” means any pipe through which steam passes if –

(i) The pressure at which steam passes through such pipe exceeds 3.5 kg/cm2 above atmospheric pressure, or

(ii) Such pipe exceeds 254 mm in internal diameter and the pressure of steam exceeds 1 kg/cm2 above the atmospheric pressure,

So any steam pipeline carrying steam above 3.5 kg/cm2 pressure or above 254 mm ID must be IBR approved.

What grade of pipe is used in IBR pipeline?

It is Schedule-40, seamless pipe.

What is the lifespan of your Boiler?

The life of a boiler depends upon how it is operated. If the maintenance is done on time and good quality treated water is fed to the boiler, the life of boiler can be 20 years. But it will reduce if proper maintenance schedule and feed water quality is not followed.

How old is your company?

Our company was started in the year 2000, it is now 13 years that we have been serving the industry.

What is the turnover of your company?

It was around 10 Crores last year, but this year we hope we shall be able to touch 20 Crores.

What is the biggest capacity boiler that you have made till now?

We have 3 fully equipped workshops to make upto 15 TPH capacity boilers. The biggest boiler that we have made till now is 12 TPH.

How many boilers have you made till now?

We have more than 500 Boilers running in various industries., with India's top names like L&T, Reliance Industries, Cairn Energy etc. among our users.

What is CRM?

It is Condensate Recovery Module. It is our unique energy saving equipment wherein hot condensate from your process is collected and is then fed back to your boiler. It can save you upto 15 - 20% in fuel cost.

What is the warrantee of your boiler?

The boiler manufactured by us is covered under warrantee against any manufacturing defect for a period of 1 year. The warrantee of bought-outs like pumps, valves etc is passed on to you as provided by the manufacturer (normally it is also 1 year). However electrical items are not covered under warrantee but we use all standard makes like L&T / Schneider etc.

But 1 year warrantee is too less, why not more?

The warrantee is provided against any manufacturing defect. If there is a manufacturing defect in any machine, it would not operate even for 2 months, let alone 1 year. We however provide you warrantee for your satisfaction for upto 1 year.

What makes of pumps do you provide?

We can provide you horizontal / vertical pumps as per your choice. For horizontal design we normally provide AEC make and for vertical design we normally provide CNP make. If you have any specific choice, please let us know, we can check the same.

How can I get maximum efficiency in my existing Boiler?

There are many areas which have to be looked into to ensure good efficient working of a boiler. Factors like fuel firing system, furnace suitability, fan capacities, Heat recovery units, condensate recovery systems etc. all play very important role in boiler efficiency. If you want, we can do a study of your boiler system to determine the potential areas of savings. Our representative will need to visit your plant once and ask a few questions to your technical person regarding boiler. Then we can submit you a report highlighting areas where you can increase the efficiency.

Who else have you supplied to in my Industry?

We have over 500 installations all over India, right from Jammu to Bangalore and from Punjab to Nagaland. In your industry, we have supplied to (give 2-3 names if available). (If not sure - tell that I will check and revert to you)

Why should I buy from you?

You should buy from us because we do not sell only boiler but complete energy solution. We are one of the very few companies who do not sell what we make but we make what you want. With us, you will be sure of personalized service and a very efficient product. We give maximum efficiency in our boilers

Other company has quoted me a lesser price, why should I consider you?

I appreciate your concern for a competitive price. But as you would agree, price cannot be the only deciding criteria while finalizing a critical equipment like boiler for your business. Many other things have to be considered like

  • Overall scope of supply being covered by different suppliers
  • Efficiency & fuel consumption
  • Benefits of the system offered
  • Design suitability to your process
  • Technical experience and capabilities
  • Ease of maintenance & service back-up provided

I request you to consider all the above factors. Our price may be higher than others but we give value for your money. Our customers save lacs of rupees in running costs.

The total cost of ownership is very important in boilers as it is fuel consuming equipment. A boiler whose initial cost is Rs.20 Lacs would typically consume approx. 60 lacs worth of fuel in a year. Hence even a small difference of efficiency may save you lacs of rupees.

You do not have a local representative, how will you provide me service?

All our products undergo strict quality control measure to ensure that the delivered product operates trouble free at your site. Our engineers provide guidance to your staff during commissioning regarding the operating procedures. We shall submit a detailed operation & maintenance manual to you at the time of commissioning which shall help you in general trouble shooting.

Even then if there is a need, we have a very good service set-up with us at our head office. We have supplied boilers through-out India, right from Jammu to Bangalore and from Rajasthan to Nagaland. Our service team has been providing assistance to all the customers as & when required. Please don't worry sir, we will handle all your service calls promptly.

What all works will be in my scope?

Please go through our detailed technical offer submitted to you. There we have mentioned in detail, our scope of supply and the items under exclusions, which will be in your scope.

If you desire, we can submit a proposal for complete turnkey job, including most of the items of exclusions as well. However jobs like civil works for boiler room, foundations, utilities like fuel, power, water etc shall be in your scope.

How much discount will you give on your quoted price?

We will offer you the best techno-commercial deal for the equipment quoted. The deal has to include the best possible technical benefits to you, coming at the best possible price for you. Let us freeze the technical aspect first related to the scope of supply, then we can discuss about the discounts & commercial part.

What is the earliest delivery that you can give?

Before we answer that, please give us your targeted commissioning schedule. We normally offer 8 - 10 weeks for the equipment supply, but this may vary at times on plus & minus side.

What is the requirement of maintenance in your boiler?

For a boiler, water is most critical component which governs the maintenance issue and the problems which a user may have in operation of the system. If the water quality is maintained as recommended, the maintenance of water side may reduce to once a year only. For flue-side or smoke side, our boilers have easy-to-operate hand wheels. These can be opened and the tubes can be cleaned by brushing for any ash deposit which may be there. This frequency depends upon the fuel being used, and may vary from once a week to once a month.

For other components like valves, pumps, motors etc., normal maintenance requirements would apply.

What is the fuel consumption in your boiler?

The fuel consumption in the boiler depends upon the steam load at that moment. For full load condition, the fuel consumption in boiler shall be _____ (refer page no. 64 of Boiler bible)

What is the Heat transfer area of your boiler?

Heat transfer area of the boiler depends upon the fuel being used. Tentative figures are as under

  • For Oil/Gas fired boiler                   : Approx. 25 to 27 m2
  • For Petcoke fired boiler                  : Approx. 35 m2
  • For wood/coal/husk fired boiler      : Approx. 40 m2

What is the space requirement of your boiler?

The space required varies as per the size of boiler. The equipments may be adjusted as per the available space at site. Please give us the area available with you so that we can submit a lay-out drawing as per the same.

What will be my complete expense for boiler installation?

The complete expense for installation includes items like Chimney, furnace work (for Combitherm boiler), flue gas & air ducting, feed water tank, steam/water piping, Site erection of items etc.

The cost of these would depend upon you site requirements but generally speaking, the cost of all these items is about 80 to 100% of the boiler cost. This means that the cost of installation of a boiler worth 10 lacs would be approx. 8 to 10 lacs over that.

How many tubes are there in your boiler?

The no. of tubes is a design feature, which varies with capacity & design of boiler. We can provide the details later.

What make of tubes & plates do you use?

We generally use tubes from Tata or Jindal and all IBR plates are from S.A.I.L. (Steel authority of India Ltd.)

What is the grade of tubes & plates?

We use all plates as per IBR requirements - IS2002 Gr2, SA 515 Gr 60/70, SA 516 Gr 60/70, which are all approved by IBR. Tubes are of BS 3059 Part-1, ERW.

What capacity of boiler should I install?

The capacity of boiler depends upon the total steam requirement of your plant process. You must contact your plant machinery supplier to know the exact steam requirement and then select the boiler capacity accordingly, keeping in mind your present system and any expansion plans in near future. In order to have good efficiency and better equipment life, It is recommended to have a boiler which is 20 25% bigger than your requirement.

I want to buy a bigger boiler but my load is less at present. How will it affect fuel consumption and efficiency?

The fuel consumption in an oil / gas fired or automatic firing boiler like for husk / petcoke is proportionate to your steam load for upto 50% capacity as the fuel feeding is controlled. This means that a 2 TPH boiler which consumes 100 Kg/hr fuel on full steam load, would consume 50 Kg/hr on a load of 1 TPH. If the load falls below 50%, then the efficiency does not remain same and the fuel consumption increases. So if your steam load range is from 50 to 100%, then the fuel consumption would not increase appreciably.

What will be the weight of your boiler?

The weight would depend upon capacity & design of the boiler. We can let you know later.

Which equipment do you provide for fuel efficiency?

We can provide following equipments for fuel efficiency:

  • Water pre-heater
  • Air pre-heater
  • Condensate Recovery Module
  • Pressurised economiser

The selection of right equipment for your boiler would depend upon design, capacity, fuel being used, process requirement of steam etc.

How much steam will your boiler give per kg of fuel?

This will be as per following:

Fuel Calorific value Efficiency Usable heat Steam produced
Kcal/kg % Kcal Kg/Kg of fuel
Coal 4500 76% 3420 6.33
Husk 3300 78% 2574 4.77
Petcoke 7800 80% 6240 11.56
Light Oil 10200 88% 8976 16.62
Furnace oil 9650 86% 8299 15.37
Wood 3500 75% 2625 4.86
Bagasse 3000 72% 2160 4
Briquettes 4000 76% 3040 5.63
Uple 2500 75% 1875 3.47

Do you provide water softener?

Yes, we can provide you a suitable water softener. For this we will need Total hardness value of your raw water. If you have that, please give or provide a 1 liter sample of your raw water which we will test at our office and let you know the details.