Pressure Reducing Station

We provide Steam pressure reducing stations for process application of Steam at a pressure lower than that of steam generation pressure of the main boiler.

Our PRS is a pre-engineered unit having reliable quality components for trouble free service. Most of the process industries use steam at different pressures for different applications. Hence, a properly sized PRS is required for efficient distribution of steam with minimum losses.

Steam Distribution Header

Steam distribution header is usually located inside the boiler house. This could take inlet of steam from 1 or more boilers and distributes steam to the process lines as per the quantity & pressure requirements. The size of header depends upon the no. & size of connected boilers and the out-flow lines.

It is also installed at places where different pressures are required in process at different locations. These are designed as per IBR requirements and can be supplied with accessories like valves, NRVs, steam trap assemblies etc.